Tuesday, April 22, 2008

never satisfied

i wanted him to move here. he wanted me to move there. he had school, i had a job. i agreed to move and get a job there til he finished school.

but i couldn't get a job until we agreed to make a commitment. and we couldn't make the commitment til he was finished school. so we agreed on the commitment, and that i would move there.

but there were strings attached to the commitment 'agreement' so we agreed to get fully committed (haha) in order for me to move there. after which we would try to find him a job here. okay. i could do this.

so much red tape, so many fees (do you know lawyers charge more in an hour than i make in a day? "but they're professionals" people say. so am i. but not as well-paid). anyway, with all the red tape, and all the expense stress, he suggested that maybe, post-commitment, he should just move here, skip the part where i move there. which is great. which is smart. which will make things really a lot easier in the long run.

just when i'd gotten used to the idea of another adventure.


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