Friday, September 28, 2007

moving day

It's moving day. Not to anywhere special, just between rooms in my apartment (actually, the big room is pretty special. Space!)

There are painters in the building today, too, who have been particularly kind and helped me to dismantle and move my bed for me.

As I am scurrying around, gathering up the rest of my things out of their way, and trying to be appropriately charmingly grateful, I am suddenly aware of all of the personal items a girl keeps tucked away in her room. First a stray pair of underwear is whisked away guiltily, then a pantiliner that had fallen beneath the dresser. Suddenly, tampons, thong underwear, pennies, (I realize pennies aren't personal, but they're everywhere) wax strips, etc. are leaping off shelves and drawers like the last remaining passengers off the Titanic.

The up-side of being in a long-distance relationship, I suppose, is that at least the condoms are all safely stowed.

Monday, September 03, 2007

stranded in merritt

um, yep, that's about all i have to say.